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So how does this really work?

Here I demonstrate my own commitment to creating a Better Me. This page is my own action plan to creating an extraordinary life and business. This serves to update you on my progress and provide a glimpse into the coaching process with a real life guinea pig - ME!

I work with my own coach frequently to help motivate me and support me in creating the life and business of my dreams. Below are the major projects I'm currently working on. In addition to these projects, we focus on re-ordering priorities so I'm constantly challenged and balanced. And when I'm stuck, my coach helps me get past it and create new possibilities.

updated 24 September, 2004

My TruValues

Core values or TruValues are the declarative concepts by which you operate. You live your life by these values when you aspire to design your days, evaluate decisions and interact with others based on these. The TruValues Exercise is an amazing program developed by Coach U, that I use with most of my clients to choose how they'll live their lives and build their businesses. My own TruValues are:

Venture - to explore the world, thoughts, ideas and experiences fearlessly and fully in order to suck the marrow from life itself!

Bond - to be connected with friends, family, community and society in meaningful ways that are mutually beneficial, supporting, nurturing and exciting.

Glow - to feel so alive, so grateful, so excited and so fulfilled that I literally "glow" as frequently as possible

Inspire - to inspire others to uncover and sail toward their life's dreams and ambitions while overcoming their fears and obstacles and step into who they are fully capable of being.


  1. BetterMe
  2. ParagonStrategies
  3. SellingSavvy
  4. International Sales Executive Association

Interest Areas

  1. Laws of Attraction
    - Continue meeting with MasterMind Group
    - Integrating Attraction into everyday life
    - Overcome inability to get clear on long-term vision (completed)
  2. Playing a much bigger game
    - Opening up possibilities without struggling to play small (I am DONE with playing small!)
    - Tap into resources like R&D Teams, etc. more often
    - Trust in network and support systems I have now
    - Learn to Show Up Fully
    - Integrating knowledge, rather than "saving" it for later use



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