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You're more than a client -- we're partners!

BetterMe partners are extraordinary people. We use the resources and information below to create extraordinary results in your lives and businesses.

Coachability Index - determines how committed you are to coaching. I require all partners to complete this Index. I will not work with Individuals with low scores, because we will both be wasting our time.

Welcome Packet (Word Document) - a document I share with all partners at the beginning of our coaching relationship. I require all partners to complete this packet and return it to me before we schedule coaching sessions. The information in this packet helps you formalize your thoughts and identify areas on which to focus.

Clean Sweep Program - a 100-point program to help you "clean up" your life. I usually use this at the beginning of every partner relationship. Can be very eye opening! Give it a try today. What's your score?

Call Prep Form - a simple form that you complete prior to each call. This form allows you to gather your thoughts and allows us to very quickly focus and get to work on the call.

How Coaching Calls Work - Ten Easy Steps that explain what is expected on each call and how we work together.

more to come...


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