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Do you absolutely love your job today?

Just imagine...

  • Being appreciated and rewarded for your contributions.
  • Doing something you enjoy - and getting paid to do it!
  • Being passionate about going to work everyday.
  • Having a job that supports your deepest beliefs and values.
  • Making as much money as you are worth.
  • Identifying and overcoming your key constraints to career success.
  • Out-thinking and outperforming your competition.

Looking for a new career?

We work together to identify the qualities, traits, characteristics and assets you possess so you can find a rewarding career based on your unique needs and values. Whether you're changing jobs or changing industries, working with a coach will reduce the time and stress normally associated with a job search.

Have you been laid off?

I assist downsized employees to re-orient, recover, take stock, clarify values and create a new career or business path - at every level. And although outplacement firms can be a valuable service, nothing beats the one-to-one customized support a coach can provide, especially in the process of working on EVERY aspect of your life, not just your career choices or plan.

Imagine what we can do together. Contact me to schedule a collaborative interview.


Career Coaching Services

  • Strategy
  • Plan
  • Transition
  • Interviews
  • Assessment
Want to know what's working and what's not in job searches these days? The Career Coach provides the inside scoop.
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