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Do you realize how much you are limiting your business success?

Just imagine...

  • Increasing your sales, cash flow and profits.
  • Identifying and overcoming your key constraints to business success.
  • Having all the customers you ever wanted.
  • Doing business only with customers you enjoy.
  • Building a sustainable, stress-free business environment.
  • Overcoming your fears, frustrations and blocks.
  • Maximizing your networking efforts.
  • Creating a marketing engine that works - even when you're not!
  • Having time outside of your business to enjoy life.
  • Doubling or tripling your business.
  • Simplifying your activities and operations.
  • Focusing on your key result areas and top priorities.
  • Refocusing on your core business.
  • Recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities in our fast-changing economy.
  • Out-thinking and outperforming your competition.

I work with public relations professionals to prioritize business activities based on business goals, strategize for new accounts, track important business metrics, and stay focused.

I'm working with one particular client who is CEO of a software firm. We work on developing new applications for his software product, approaching new markets, strategizing for trade shows and sales calls.

I coach doctors, dentists, orthodontists and periodontists in a unique program to increase patient satisfaction, and profits, reduce employee turnover and conflict, strengthen communication within the office and to market their services much more effectively.

I support new entrepreneurs to get started more rapidly, making fewer mistakes and keeping focused on the most profitable ideas. Using the 100-point BizWiz Program, you get on a business success track at the very beginning of the new business cycle.

I help accountants to become more like coaches to their business clients to increase the client's profitability and increase the accountant's billing rate and annual revenue. Accountants, because of their linear/logical approach, benefit from working with a coach to round out this skill set to become client/who-oriented in addition to being situation/what oriented. This shift takes about a year to complete.

I often work side-by-side with a business owner whose company is in financial trouble--creating a crisis-response plan, immediate cash flow increase/financing, resolving the sources of the problem, and keeping employees motivated and empowered to help turn the business around. By the time most business owners acknowledge that there is a problem, it is already a crisis and immediate changes are needed. I am known for my ability to assess and impact the company and owner quickly so that all necessary actions or changes are made, not just incremental ones.

As partners, we work together on the 25 items to the right so that you optimize every opportunity for better profits and performance.

Now, imagine what we can do together. Contact me to schedule a collaborative interview.

Generating Higher Profits & Better Performance

  • Systemizing repetitive processes/tasks
  • Creating environments to increase productivity
  • Increasing prices
  • Reducing marketing cycle times
  • Adding value to increase conversion rates
  • Adding/Reducing products/services offered
  • Optimizing cash management
  • Reducing costs
  • Employing technology effectively
  • Creating a menu of products/services for fee ranges

Attracting More Clients

  • Clarifying your ideal client
  • Understanding what your clients want
  • Clarifying what you offer clients
  • Clarifying the benefits clients receive from you
  • Strategizing your key messages
  • Using the best methods for your business
  • Using the best methods for your personality
  • Identifying and overcoming blocks/obstacles
  • Marketing based on values
  • Creating a marketing engine
  • Optimizing all steps of the marketing cycle
  • Differentiating your products/services
  • Building a brand
  • Applying your brand to your entire business
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